How to turn a regular Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

Are you searching for a method to turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop?

This informative blog will guide you to turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are the same as standard or business laptops, only with upgraded features – but these upgraded features make all the difference. A gaming laptop means high speed, huge memory, better graphics, and fast processing power.

Turn Your Regular Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

You can turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Clean up your laptop
  • defragment of the hard drive
  • Update the DirectX program to turn your laptop into a gaming laptop
  • Overlock the VGA of your laptop
  • Do settings of texture and shared
  • Settle network speed to run games smoothly
  • Disable automatic updates
  • Turn on game mode for a better gaming experience
  • Power settings

Now Find the Details of These Steps.

Clean Up Your Laptop

At first, you need to clean up your laptop physically. Clean up all the dust from it and place it in a dry place. Make sure to clean up the vents and cans on the laptop. It will help to reduce the overheating issue while playing games. It would be great if you also manage a regular clean-up for your laptop to keep its performance better.

Defragment of the Hard Drive

If your hard drive has plenty of junk files and cache, it will affect the performance of your laptop. So clean your hard drive properly. Defragment of the hard drive is essential. It is better to install an antivirus application on the laptop to identify the junk files easily. It will also help clean all the cache.

Update the Directx Program to Turn Your Regular Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

DirectX is a Windows program that provides extra support in gaming. You should have an updated DirectX version to turn your laptop into a gaming laptop.

Here is a procedure to cheque the version.

  • Open your laptop, then open the main menu.
  • When the menu bar is opened, type Dxdiag into the search bar.
  • You will see the working version of DirectX on your laptop.
  • You can update the DirectX program by updating the Windows version of your laptop.
  • When your windows version is updated, your gaming experience will automatically increase.

Optimize the VGA of Your Laptop

It would help optimize the VGA to get a fast and high-quality gaming experience. Users need to increase the clock frequency and GPU voltage of the laptop, and it will improve the power of your laptop to run heavy gaming. You can buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M SLI upgrade kit from to optimize your VGA.

Do Settings of Texture and Shades

You can give up a decent look at the interface of your laptop by setting the texture and shades. You should consider the shade and texture settings for using your regular laptop as a gaming laptop. It is very easy to customize the shading and texture according to your choice. You need to take care of a high-resolution display to consume high battery consumption, and it can also affect frame rates in the RAM.

Speed up The Network to Run Games Smoothly

It will help if you speed up your network. If your network connection is poor, you cannot enjoy gaming mode on your laptop. The recent games are operating online, and you need a fluent gaming experience. So it would help if you have an impressive network speed for gaming.

Disable Automatic Updates

It is recommended to keep your OS and games auto-update turned off. Auto-update can affect your gaming performance.

Turn On Game Mode for a Better Gaming Experience

A laptop that runs in the operating system of Windows 10 will get a game mode. If you want to stream your gaming directly from your laptop, this game mode will help you, and it will improve the game playing quality.

Power Setting

You need to optimize your laptop’s power setting in Windows 10 to get an activated handling the heavy game load easily.

How to Optimize the Power Setting in Windows 10

  • You have to open the settings option on your laptop.
  • Now, click on the Settings option; there will be the option of “System.”
  • A new popup will open on the screen where you need to search and click on the option of “Power and Sleep.”
  • Now, click on the “additional power settings option.”
  • Further, select the high-performance option and change the power settings to advanced ones.

Thus, your power settings are changed to advanced; you can return to your home page.

What Are The Specifications Of A Gaming Laptop?

Laptops for the Average Gamer

  • A discrete GPU with 4-8GB VRAM.
  • An Intel i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7 series CPU.
  • 8-12GB of RAM.
  • Larger SSDs of around 256GB to 512GB and HDDs of 1TB or more (or even combinations of both)

How Much RAM Do I Need For A Gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop needs a minimum of 8 GB RAM to play most games smoothly. However, if you want to be able to play more demanding titles and still have other programs running in the background, you should have at least 16 GB of RAM.

Avoid Teasing Your Clock Frequency And GPU Voltage

Teasing your clock frequency and GPU voltage can damage your laptop. It will give a heavy load on your laptop, and it may lead to some unfavorable changes at the time of gaming. It can also lose the warranty period of your laptop. So avoid teasing your GPU voltage and clock frequency.

You Can Get a Fantastic Gaming Experience by Updating Your Drivers

Many manufacturers of laptop brands have different specifications in the USA market. Most companies manage the hardware and software of laptops, same as windows, Linux, etc. So you can get a better gaming experience outcome for your gaming laptop by updating your drivers.


We have discussed all the steps mentioned above to turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop. If you do not know about hardware and settings, you can take help from expert supervision. Avoid damaging your laptop if you cannot handle it by yourself.

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