How to install an Opolar Laptop Cooler

The Opolar laptop cooler is an accessory for a laptop to reduce the operating temperature. It is used when the laptop is unable to cool itself sufficiently. A laptop Opolar cooler is used to protect the laptop from overheating. In this informative blog, you will learn how to install an Opolar laptop cooler on your laptop. You will also get complete information related to this product.

What is the Opolar Laptop Cooler?

The Opolar laptop cooler uses silicone vent covers to create a suction with the output vents on your laptop.

How does an Opolar Laptop Cooler work?

The fan of the Opolar cooler takes the air out of the back of the cooler. The device is very small, and it has a port to attach the soft silicone piece to your laptop. You find two buttons on the top of the device to increase or decrease the fan power. The fan runs at around 2600 RPM at the last and 5000 RPM at the highest.

Product Description

The Opolar laptop fan cooler fixes your laptop and your desk. An Opolar laptop cooler features heat sucks designs to maximize CPU and GPU performance. It is recommended use to keep your laptop cool and free from overheating.


  • innovative design
  • LED temporary display
  • 13 wind speed. The best cooler (2600-5000RPM) to reduce heat in laptops rapidly reduces both internal temperature and surface by 18 to 50F degrees in even minutes, which is far better than cooling pads.
  • rapid cooling
  • auto temperature detection

How to install an Opolar Cooler on your laptop

Install an Opolar cooler on your laptop by the following two methods.

  • Method 1

You can attach the device temporarily to your laptop with a detachable plastic lip with little suction cups. It attaches the cooler to your laptop.

  • Method 2

In the second method, you can attach the cooler permanently to your laptop by using M3 tape. When the cooler is attached to your laptop, it gives a display to show the air temperature being pulled through the cooler. You can select this scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius, by pressing the power button.

How to set up Opolar Laptop Cooler

  • The Opolar cooler box comes with three silicone shrouds. You can attach the cooler with the plastic lip with the suction cup method or the M3 tape setup.
  • Attach the silicone shroud to the cooler, and then use M3 tape or the plastic tongue for seating it to your laptop.
  • You find flexible plastic legs with rubber covers to hold the cooler in place, along with the M3 tape are the plastic tongue.
  • The cooler attaches to your laptop via USB.
  • There is no USB pass-through, and part of the cable is detachable. You can replace it if it breaks. For it, you’ll need a micro USB cable if you want to replace it.
  • When you start your laptop, the device will start automatically.
  • Then long-press the power button to set Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale.
  • Then press the other two buttons to increase or decrease the fan power. The popular cooler fans have 13 levels of power, more than other ordinary laptop coolers.

Some Laptops have multiple output Vents.

The gaming laptops have multiple output vents. If you find any issue with file installation, you must search through Google for information about your laptop to know which one is fitted for it.


  • Amazingly decent cooling
  • The little package is easy to carry
  • A temporary and permanent install method provides you with choices
  • Useful lit up display shows you the temperature
  • 13 fan speeds
  • You can buy multiples to enhance cooling
  • If you use a temporary install, Portability is good


  • The quirky design doesn’t fit every desk
  • It does not fit all laptops
  • No USB pass-through
  • You have to purchase multiples if you use a gaming PC
  • If you use permanent installation, Portability is difficult.

Your Laptop should meet the following requirements:

1. If there is a back or side vent on your laptop and its size is not more than 4.6 “L x 1.6 “H; Besides, the shortest silicon shroud is 3.3 inches. Please confirm that it will not cover a port. If the vent is on the back, you will see that our cooler will cause your lid open about 135 degrees.

2. The bottom surface is flat to stick an adhesive mount near the vent.

Is it Compatible with your Laptop?

Check your laptop compatibility for the Opolar cooler.

You can search the laptop model from customer reviews. You can also ask questions & ans on the product page or send your laptop model number or some pictures of your laptop top and bottom to Opolar support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Opolar Cooler Fan good for your Laptop?

Laptop cooler fans reduce the operating temperature of your laptop, and it makes the device itself more comfortable for us. So it is good to use an Opolar cooler fan for your laptop.

Does the Opolar Cooler Affect the Laptop?

No, an Opolar cooler does not affect your laptop. It is a useful device that maintains the operating temperature. It helps the laptop from the bottom, reducing the temperature of the components.

Is an Opolar Laptop Cooler Necessary for Gaming?

Yes, because the gaming laptop runs at a very high temperature because they have a high GPU. So it would be great if you have a cooling pad to keep the temperature normal. So it is recommended to use a polar laptop cooler for your gaming laptop.

At what temperature does a Laptop Overheat?

The normal temperature should not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit. And when you feel it is getting a heat, at once cool it. Overheating suffers or damages your laptop.

Do Cooling Pads extend Laptop life?

Yes, the cooling pads extend laptop life cause they keep the laptop at its optimal temperature, and the laptops will have less heat to suffer from. So you can extend the working of your laptop by using a good laptop cooler or a cooling pad.

Are 40 Degrees Celsius Hot for a Laptop?

The new hardware has an internal temperature of around 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature should not exceed around 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, and 60 degrees Celsius is normal for a laptop.

How long do cooling pads last?

Usually, cooling pads can last three to five years on average.

What type of laptop cooler should you choose for your laptop in the USA?

The USA market has the latest technology products and models to offer. Research the best cooling fan compatible with your Laptop on Google before purchasing one.

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