How to Convert Work Laptop to Personal Laptop

When you start working on an office laptop, you need to disable all your info so that there is no risk of any access. However, you can modify your work laptop, and there are some ways to convert your work laptop into a personal laptop.

Methods to Convert Your Work Laptop into a Personal Laptop

The Easiest Way to Convert Your Work Laptop into a Personal

The easiest way to convert your work laptop into a personal laptop is to delete all work-related information. Then turn it back to the factory setting, and it will remove all the software required for working from the Company. Thus you will convert this working computer truly a personal computer through it.

Convert Work Laptop to Personal by Reformation and Reinstalling Windows

  • By formatting, The laptop
  • by reinstalling the Windows operating system with the reformation of the drive

Remove the Company Login Laptop

You have to remove the Company login laptop. Commonly, all the Company’s domain users process their accounts on the working laptop if the domain is joined. In that case, you can sign out of the previous employee’s account. Then log in by using the old username. It will remove the network from the working laptop. You can create a completely new profile for your account produced from windows.

Reinstall the Windows System on Your Laptop

You can easily reinstall the windows system on your laptop and clear all the previous data and information by formatting the C drive. When you wipe an old company laptop, it will remove all the company information and domain network. For this, you need to know how to reformat a working laptop.

How to Reformat Work Laptop

  • It will be best to have an installation CD or a bootable drive.
  • You install your windows installation disc to format the hard drive.
  • When you insert the CD, it will run automatically and look at the drive.
  • Wait for the CD to load.
  • Now, wait for the next step for a few minutes.
  • There will be a pop-up window to accept the default operating system, asked by the installation disc.

The Best Way to Convert a Work Laptop into A Personal One is By Reinstalling the Windows during Startup

  • Before pressing the power button, you need to insert the installation disk or a bootable drive into the laptop.
  • When it displays the laptop brand logo or the motherboard logo, keep pressing the boot menu key (F2, F12, or any other according to your motherboard requirements) during the laptop’s startup.
  • Then, select the bootable drive you want to reinstall the Windows.
  • Format the hard drives and let them install completely in a new form.
  • Please proceed with the navigation path and let it install the system.
  • When your installation is complete, a new disc will appear. Then restart your computer until the machine reboots.
  • While rebooting, press the bootable key repeatedly for the disk partition if you have not done it yet. It will completely ruin the program to format, reload the OS and install the original drive that came with your laptop. It may take around only 30 minutes to reformat the process.

How to Back Up Your Hard Drive

Reformatting a laptop will forfeit all your information. If you need to keep it, you can back up your hard drive to external CDs, DVDs, or other devices, and it will help save your important files and programs.

How to Unlock a Company Laptop

  • To unlock a computer, press CTRL+ALt+DELETE from the keyboard to get out of what unwanted window you are in.
  • Then type the login information you last logged in as a user.
  • Then click OK.
  • You can also restart from the login button if you think it might have been a bug with incorrect login details.

Ways to Convert Work Laptop to Personal by Keeping Some Applications or Files

However, you can also disable only working laptops’ security settings to keep some applications or files, and it will enable third-party software and flash drives to work with it. Following are some of the most frequent ways to convert a working laptop into a personal laptop.

The working laptop has many antivirus and security protections. You do not need a lot of security for your personal use. You can uninstall all the antivirus software to enable Windows Defender, a built-in security protection tool in windows OS.

  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Use TrueCrypt To Encrypt Data
  • Disable Windows Firewall
  • Use Portable Applications
  • Disable Windows Updates
  • Use Virtual Machines
  • Use Portable Apps For Encryption
  • Use BitLocker To Secure Data
  • Use Self-Destructing Message Apps
  • Use Steganography Software
  • Use Cached Data On Your Personal Laptop
  • Use Virtual Machines For Personal Activities
  • Create A Separate User Account
  • Change Work Profile To A Guest Mode
  • Use Boot Updater To Disable Fast Startup
  • Create A New Profile For The Guest Account
  • Use Password Protect USB Flash Drives For Personal Files
  • Use Password Protect Folders And Files With Steganography App
  • Open Private Browsing Window For Privacy On Shared Computers
  • Set Up VPN Connection For Online Banking And Shopping
  • Turn On File And Printer Sharing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Reset My Company Laptop for Personal Use?

To reset your company laptop for personal use, go to settings and reset or type reset from the Windows start menu bar. Here, you will see a title saying, “Reset this PC” click on it; you will see two options written “keep My Files” or “Remove Everything.” You can click one based on your needs and let it reset to the default factory settings. But the best way is to reinstall the system to use a work laptop for personal use.

Can I Reformat The Work Laptop?

You can reformat your company laptop first using the Windows Media Creation Tool to make an ISO, boot from it, wipe all partitions and reinstall Windows 10 Pro. The second is inserting the original key and returning it to pro, followed by a system reset.

How to Wipe a Computer before Recycling?

If you want to wipe out data from your computer, go to the Windows start menu and type Windows recovery or reset. Then select reset to reset the computer to its factory settings. But beware, it will remove all the data on your computer. So, make sure to have a backup.


We hope you have gone through the systematic ways to convert your work laptop into a personal one. You can Format it completely or choose a way to keep up with the previous files. It depends on what you require to use your laptop as a personal.

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