How to Connect Roku Stick to the Laptop

If you’re searching for how to connect a Roku stick to your Laptop, this is the right place where you will find the answer to this question.

Let’s explore the use and function of a Roku stick.

What is a Roku stick?

A Roku stick is an electronic device that you connect to your Laptop for television to convert into a smart TV. It is a streaming device that you plug into your television for watching the news, movies, sports, or technology-related channels. A great benefit of using a Roku stick is that you don’t need a satellite dish or a coaxial cable on your roof.

What is Streaming?

Streaming allows you to watch videos or listen to music on your Laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can watch videos without waiting for broadcast or download. If you have a good local device that is 4K Ultra HD and supports HDR, you can perform Netflix, Google Play, and several streaming services.

How to Connect My Roku Stick to My Laptop

Roku is the right streaming device and the best option to choose when looking for plug-and-play options on streaming. However, some people are confused about using a Roku stick on a laptop. Here I will guide you on how to connect my Roku stick to my Laptop.

Roku stick is not a router device, and it is a very simple connecting device. Usually, people connect to Roku devices on computer systems and TV using HDMI ports.

Connect Roku stick on the Laptop

To connect the Roku stick to your Laptop, follow the below simple steps.

Connecting a Roku stick to a laptop with HDMI is an easy option. You know you need not worry about connection or contact. However, you have some questions about connecting your Roku stick without HDMI to the Laptop.

Don’t you worry? It is a simple way to follow and connect the Roku streaming stick to your Laptop.

Steps to follow to connect the Roku Streaming Stick to your Laptop

  • Open the internet browser on your Laptop.
  • Search plex app in the URL bar, or you can write
  • Once you have the results, you need to access the website and find three download options on its home screen.
  • There you will be able to download Plex Media Server for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Make a selection that is compatible with the operating system on your Laptop.
  • Let the app set up, download, and later install on your Laptop.
  • The installation process can be simple and similar to any other app installation procedure.
  • It may take a few minutes to complete the installation, but nothing to worry about.
  • Now, launch the app on your Laptop.
  • Go to the Roku app or its website to log in to your Roku account.
  • You must access the Roku channel store and find the Plex app there in the account.
  • You will get the official plex app icon there. Subscribe to the app in your Roku account.
  • Make sure you have a stable and fast-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Since you cannot connect Roku to Laptop HDMI, you need to connect it to the power and Wi-Fi from its manual functions or use the app.
  • Now, the Roku stick uses a similar Wi-Fi network as on your Laptop and is connected with the help of the plex app.
  • You are all set to stream the content from Roku on your Laptop without any bother.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Plug Roku Into The Computer Monitor?

You can plug Roku into a computer monitor with an HDMI port and internal speakers. Who can connect all Roku streaming devices on the market to any monitor with an HDMI port?

Can You Connect Your Roku Device To The Internet Using Wi-Fi?

You can select your Roku device to connect to your home network by selecting a wireless network.

Can I Play Roku on My Laptop?

Yes, you can play Roku on your Laptop. The Roku app For Windows and iOS devices is free to download and use, and it offers additional features like headphone listings, channel searching, voice commands, etc.

How to Connect Your Roku Device to Wi-Fi without a Remote?

You can connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi without a remote by setting up the Roku app on your smartphone.

How to Restart Your Roku Device When It’s Running Slowly or Freezing?

If your Roku device runs slowly or freezes, you can reset it by simply restarting through the setting menu.

How Can You Watch Local Channels On Your Roku Device?

You can watch the local channels on your Roku device through the Roku channel store or a third-party app. The Roku channel store is a good option to look for local channels. You can also watch local channels through the service app if you have a cable subscription.

Can You Connect A Roku Box To A Laptop?

You cannot directly connect the Roku box with a laptop; however, it is possible with the help of some extended apps.

Is It Possible To Have Future Updates on Roku?

Yes, the most common query that you can use Roku on a laptop will have a suitable solution in the future. So in the future, there will be more options available with Roku.

How Does Using Roku Stick To YouTube On A Laptop?

You can use the Roku stick on YouTube by clicking on the menu and picking up YouTube streaming and start surfing it. No other requirements are needed.


To cut it short, we can say that today’s time is the time of technology, and the technology race has no limits. The Roku streaming device has multiple features, and in the future, the features will be more vibrant and accessible. You will have more frequent and quick access to streaming through Roku sticks in the future. There are multiple options for Roku sticks in the market. You can avail the latest featured Roku stick to connect to your Laptop for streaming.

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